To the Moon and Back

1,299.00 TL

The mobiles, formed by the combination of all the elements of the 'To the Moon and Back' collection, take their place both as a wonderful sleeping companion for your baby and as a decorative complement to his room!

Every detail of this product, which has been produced with love, has been carefully hand-crafted, which accompanies your child's imaginations in all their pleasant adventures, whether at the bedside, on the changing unit, or in the playgrounds while they sleep.

It is made using traditional wet felting and felt needling technique, using 100% wool natural felt and 100% natural cotton thread.

Made in Turkey.

Diameter: 23cm

Height : 43cm

Some tips for usage;

  • Always make sure that the height of the mobile phone is at a height that your baby will never reach .
  • You can use your mobile not only on the cradle, but also in parts such as a changing pad or baby lap , we recommend that you set up accordingly .
  • By using a solid U hook attached to the ceiling , you can adjust the length as you wish with the extra rope we have given you , and you can apply it . Make sure you use a sturdy hook that won't break easily .

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