Çocuk Odası İçin Duvar Kağıdı Seçimi!

Wallpaper Selection for Kids Room!

Wallpaper Selection for Kids Room!

Wallpaper is one of the key elements of baby room decoration...

Stylish solutions produced from healthy materials color both the rooms and the imagination of children. Natural and chemical-free wallpapers also ensure your child's health. The designs produced with water-based paints completely change the atmosphere of the children's room.

First of all, let's look at the characteristics of the wallpaper material to be chosen for children's rooms.

How should the wallpaper material be selected for the children's room?

  • The wallpaper in the children's room should be completely natural and should not contain chemicals.
  • Paints colored with water-based paints do not pose any problems for human health. These products should be emphasized in the children's room.
  • The fact that the materials used in the wallpaper have nature and environmentally friendly content allows children to reach a clean future.
  • Anti-bacterial and breathable wallpapers should be used in the children's room.
  • In design, patterns that inspire the child, enlighten his mind and create peace should be included.
  • Choosing the right colors is important. Wallpaper is a gender-neutral decoration element. A decoration style that reflects their spirit should be included for children.
  • A theme that cares about the child's imagination should be created. An ocean-themed wallpaper can be accompanied by fish figure toys.

How to Design Wallpaper for Children's Rooms?

Now that you know how the wallpaper material should be, let's move on to how to choose the best wallpaper design for the nursery.

In the past few years, gender-neutral nurseries have become a really popular choice for parents who want to create a neutral environment for the little ones. For 2020, we predict that unisex style will still be one of the most common choices for children's rooms. With that in mind, let's look at a few tips on how to choose the perfect wallpaper for a gender neutral nursery interior.


When considering a decor for your child's room, first decide what style you will create for the interior. Whether it's a boho, eclectic, or minimalist space—it can still be gender-neutral. Go in search of wallpaper that will reflect your interior style. Let's take a look at the wallpaper options that Happyfolks has come up with with all of this in mind.

Happy Folks Products Inspiring On Children's Walls

Every kid dreams, right? Happy Folks products open new doors to children's dreams.

Our beloved heroes become the closest friends of little hearts. While fairy tales guide dreams, children fall into peaceful sleep in their living spaces.

Now let's take a look at the Happy Folks kids room wallpaper options...

Boho Festive Wallpaper:

The enthusiasm of a festival rises... A colorful fun begins in the children's room. While the children become friends with the heroes in the story, the elegance of the decoration fascinates everyone.

And colorful heroes accompany his dreams.

Cake by The Ocean Wallpaper:

The octopus is about to blow out the candles for his new age. There's a perfect party deep in the waters. The beauties of underwater life continue to adorn the walls.

Your child's room is a colorful ocean with Cake By The Ocean Wallpaper! A fascinating adventure begins on the walls. We don't want to miss the octopus's birthday, do we?

Desert Dreamin Wallpaper:

Although everywhere seems desolate, our heroes are there... Take your place in the journey of the mischievous bunny and the cute elephant. The atmosphere of the nursery takes on a whole new dimension.

To the Moon and Back Wallpaper:

The sky is always beautiful, just like children's dreams... So let them reach the sky. This pleasant journey to the stars makes a wonderful touch to the living space of the little ones.

Ice-Cream Land Wallpaper:

Would you like a cone of ice cream? The summer breeze continues on the walls... In all seasons! Decorated with ice creams and colorful balloons, this theme also whets the appetites of children.

Happy Stripes Wallpaper:

Those who want to combine simplicity with elegance, raise your hands? The soft and romantic colors of this magnificent design will warm your heart. The most beautiful shades of the popular color palette continue to inspire children.