Yatak Yan Koruma Bumper Nedir ?

What is Bed Side Protection Bumper?

What is Bed Side Protection Bumper?

Bed Side Protection (Bumper)

The primary goal of every parent is the safety of their baby...

As parents, we always want to keep our baby safe. It is necessary to maintain this meticulousness during sleep, which is an extremely vulnerable stage. This is where the side protectors used for baby bassinets come into play.

What is Baby Crib Side Protection?

The main purpose of the product, also known as side protection or bumper, is to prevent the baby from squeezing his legs or arms between the slats of the crib. The side protection also acts as a barrier against the possibility of hitting the baby's head. Although this product is sometimes compared with the cradle lining, the bumper side protection is more fluffy than the cradle lining. The cradle lining has a much thinner fabric, while the side protection is for the safety of the baby.

Benefits of Using Crib Side Protection

  • It is an effective precaution that can be taken against bumping any limb of the baby while sleeping in the crib.
  • The baby moves a lot while awake and spending time in the crib. Bumper prevents the baby from being injured during these movements.
  • It is protective against concussion in case of hitting the baby's head.
  • In the event of a possible impact, it protects the baby's bone health and the whole body by reducing the impact of the impact.

Both a Safety Precaution and a Pleasant Decoration Piece

Some parents choose not to use bumper side protection. This is related to concerns about the baby not getting enough air in the bassinet. Many parents are aware that bumper side protection is an effective measure. With this product, it is possible to both protect the baby from injuries and add a stylish and pleasant effect to the room decoration.

Step into a Fun and Safe World with Happy Folks Side Guards

Let's take a look at the features of our Happy Folks side guards together;

  • Thanks to the 2.5 cm thick sponges in its products, it protects your baby against bumps.
  • Our crib side protections are prepared in a special size and number of pieces for your bed and offer you a completely special comfort of use.
  • The side protection keeps the skin comfortable with its soft fabric.
  • Our side guards with fun patterns become one of the most colorful parts of your decoration.
  • Happy Folks products, which are more stylish than the other, make your day easier with their functional structure, where you can wash the covers separately whenever you want.

Boho Festival Side Guard

It can add a pleasant touch to the decoration of your baby room. Colorful heroes accompany the little ones in bed.

Cake by The Ocean Side Guard

Being in the colorful world of the submarine will excite the little ones! It can be indispensable with its magnificent colors, design and softness!

Happy Stripes Side Guard

'Happy Stipes Side Protection' is the perfect choice for parents looking for simplicity in their bed with its soft and soft patterns! As with all our side protections, the cover can be washed separately.

Desert Dreamin Side Guard

The journey of the mischievous bunny and the cute elephant becomes enjoyable in the beds of the little ones! And its colors warm our hearts!

'Ice Cream Land' Mattress Side Protection

Ice cream land side protection brings a sweet touch to the beds with its magnificent colors! Ice – cream Land products are produced with 100% organic fabric printing and dyeing.

To the Moon and Back Side Guard

Prepared for the little ones who want to go on an adventurous journey in beds! To the Moon and Back products are produced with 100% organic fabric printing and dyeing.

Dinosaur Team Mattress Side Protection

Cute animals from different climates and times become the best friends of the little ones on the beds.

Flamingo Team Mattress Side Protection

Fun in a secret park brings joy to the little friends of animals both day and night!